I have few Sports heroes in my lifetime

“King of Kings.”

I have few Sports heroes in my lifetime

(many years involved with sports, many sports),

the many that I have looked up to,


(Good Sports Players)

Because a Sports Hero

is a hero on and off

the field of play.

Extremely hard to find in today’s,

money grabbing, win take all,

at all cost to anyone that gets in the way.

Arnold Palmer

(King Arnold Daniel Palmer),

Fits that bill as a true Hero to me.

Since the day, back in 1962,

while watching the British Open

on board ship in Holy Lock Scotland.

When we on ship watched a humble man then as a winner,


then watch this man stay humble as a winner

every year of his life.

Tim Tebow

also comes to mind


for many great reasons on and off,

the field of play.


there is and will always be

only one true.

“King of Kings!”



You would expect a sports magazine

to push the name

or any other name

to sell their products.

What I cannot understand

is why those

“Christian Politicians”

Are also flaunting the name?

And why every Christian for that matter,

sports fan or not,

has not said something,



Mr. Arnold Palmer would be the first to chastise each one of them for their blasphemy of their religion.


Sports Illustrated pays tribute to “The King” of golf, Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer graces cover for the 12th time


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