Impeach Trump?


The people who want to impeach ‘the Donald’ must also impeach the leaders of the Democratic Party, at least the ones that brought in an ‘Independent Socialist government hater,

to run against

a Democratic party faithful, well qualified presidential candidate.

She had to constantly fend off bullying, half truths, and down right lies from this guy while feeding phony ammunition to the Republican party.

Know what burns my butt more that a flame high enough to do so?

The thousands of people, now wanting to impeach the reincarnation of the impeached, Richard Nixon!

Many of these people are the same ones that voted



into office and allowed the best chance this country and the world had to get out of this

‘Republican Party Quagmire’ like it did with another well qualified presidential candidate Al Gore, to slip away!

In my opinion, it is now necessary to be sure to hold the members of both the state and federal senate and House of Representatives to the grinding wheel for the next two years and dump the bums that do not work for the best interest in and of this country, her citizens,

(all of her citizens)

and the world.

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence To Deliver This Anti-Trump Message To America (TWEET) Do you miss her now?

January 29, 2017

WASHINGTON ― The seven leading candidates to serve as the next chair of the Democratic National Committee gathered at George Washington University on Wednesday night to dodge key questions about party reform and pander to the 447 insiders who will elect the next Democratic leader.

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2 thoughts on “Impeach Trump?

  1. Ha ! You can say that again . The things his supporters against Hillary were sometimes worse than those from the fake president’s supporters.

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