Wal-Mart policy Customer is always right


One robber dead, one wounded one on the run, Associate fired!

Stealing diapers not a reason to kill, says mother of shoplifter slain outside Orlando Wal-Mart


How about a Diaper stealing gang that steals cars, has four Felony charges and was reaching into their stolen car for something not known to the customer or the Wall-mart associate?

Two African-American gang member were shot by an African-American customer that was assisting a Wall-mart associate.

Wal-Mart policy,


20 items or less line

“if associate complains or said anything and the customer complains, associate is fired!”


“No matter what the customers does, do nothing!”


“Any pet into store, say nothing or be fired!”


Associate followed robbers out two their stolen car with stolen products, “Associate will soon if not already will be fired!”

Shopper with gun kills suspected diaper thief at Florida Wal-Mart

Published February 05, 2017


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