Happy Valentines Day Trumplethinskin!


Suck-up Mike Flynn is now under the bus

“We did not have verbal sex with Russia before the election!”

After all, promising to squash the

‘President Obama Sanctions’ against Russia,

for help with the election,

(Is Not Sex)!

Just in case you have not been paying attention


millions of voters before the election?

This is a re-cap

just for you


those millions of non-voters around the country.

Here we go again!

Mike Pence throws National Security Advisor Michael Flynn under the Trump-Russia bus

Now that the U.S. intelligence community has confirmed today that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn did indeed discuss U.S. sanctions with the Russian government in December, in violation of the law, the exploding scandal has quickly spread to vice president Mike Pence. When Flynn previously claimed that sanctions were not discussed during the phone calls, Pence publicly confirmed as much. But now Pence is throwing Flynn under the bus to try to protect himself, in a sign of how swiftly Trump-Russia is unraveling.

Impeach Trump Now

The last time Michael Flynn got ticked off at his boss, he retaliated by going against orders and leaking classified information to Pakistan. Now that Mike Pence appears to be trying to set up Flynn as the fall guy for Trump-Russia, the erratic and often angry Flynn could rat out Pence (and Trump) in retaliation – or simply to protect himself legally, now that he’s been exposed as having violated federal law on Trump’s behalf


Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn is being tossed under the bus.

The last time we checked in with Flynn, Trump was complaining that he was overbearing and talked too much. Now it appears he is in some serious trouble, with The Washington Post reporting that Flynn, despite his and the Trump administration’s denials, did in fact discuss U.S. sanctions against Russia with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last December, when Barack Obama was still in office. According to current and former American officials, Flynn’s communications were “inappropriate” and a “potentially illegal signal to the Kremlin that it could expect a reprieve from sanctions that were being imposed by the Obama administration in late December to punish Russia for its alleged interference in the 2016 election.”


The White House’s relationship with Russia has been subject to scrutiny given President Trump’s (and Flynn’s) admiration for Vladimir Putin. The FBI is continuing to investigate the Flynn matter, and could even end up prosecuting him under the Logan Act, which forbids unauthorized civilians from messing with U.S. diplomacy. But before any of that happens, the administration is quickly separating itself from Flynn. He is on his own.

Michael Flynn’s Debacle

Trump’s national security adviser’s potentially false statements about his pre-inauguration contacts with Russian officials are a major scandal




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