Valentines Day/Lupercalia Day


Valentines Day

Been a thorn in my side for years.

So, on this day, who gets pampered and who does the pampering?

Take your significant other some flowers, a ‘Love Card,’ out to a restaurant, for a walk, to Lovers Lane and so on.

You remember?

All of the things that we Lovers, should be doing everyday!

Because of this

In this home,

we do not wait for a

(Big Business Holiday).

We try to show our love, Every- Day.

Most Traditionalist

do not celebrate many of the countries holidays.

Columbus for one

Valentines Day is another.

Valentines Day

(How did we get the day)?

In 313 A.D. (After Christ), Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity

(The Roman Christian Church).

In 380 A.D. the church became The Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church moved the day

(Valentines Day),

to February 14th, the same day as the Roman holiday

(Lupercalia) a Pagans holiday.

I believe, to try to squash their day.

The pagans, however, who adopted


as their religion did not entirely abandon the traditions and practices they held before their “conversion.” One of these traditions brought into the church was the fertility celebration known as the Lupercalia, which eventually became the Valentine’s holiday.

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