The Trump administration

demand that the

social media company

unmask any account

critical of the president

Saturday April 4th 2017

Yes he rescinded only after a law suit was filed!

Well now that we officially have a

“One Party System.”

We the people

no longer have to worry

about the process of

“Thinking for Ourselves”!


“Mein Führer Trump”


“His Gestapo Party”

(The federal congress),

Will be doing this for us until the end of time!

Ever though,

The Trump administration has rescinded a demand that Twitter Inc.

Share information about a user who has criticized the new president, the social media company said Friday in a court filing.

Twitter received an administrative order to turn over records nearly a month ago,

But said

It refused to do so without evidence the information was crucial to a criminal investigation.

After the government reportedly failed to provide such justification and refused to drop the demand, the San Francisco Company launched a preemptive strike Thursday

By suing the Trump administration.

Twitter sought a court ruling that would call the demand unconstitutional.

If you’re struggling

to keep up with

all things Trump,

you’re not alone.

This is week 11

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