(Caucus system).

Wisconsin use a caucus system to elect a sheriff

The reason for writing this is simple.

The only reason

Milwaukee’s Sheriff

is and has been

their sheriff is


(Caucus system).


There are plenty of other reason

why we should re-thing this antiquated system

along with term limits or lack thereof.

I have been against the caucus system

ever since I was knee high to a donut!


Maybe not quite that long


ever since, I studied it in school.


Now you know why!

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is a republican,

is registered as a democrat,

whom the independents


democrats hate


the republicans love.

While in a caucus system voting, members are allowed to get in your face

unless or until you vote their way


vote your way while having an upset stomach.

Can you just image the scenery

while someone

in a voting hall

comes up in my face?

How long will have to spent time in prison?

Sheriff David Clarke has voted against

everything that the independents and democrats

are looking for in a sheriff


voted with the Republican Party every time.

Need more proof?

He voted for Trump!

Am Joy

a must watch program

on your week-end.

Today on MSNBC’s AM Joy,

confirmed my reasoning


much, much more, did you watch today?


‘All hat and no cattle’:

Joy Reid show hammers Sheriff Clarke for ‘wearing uniform as a prop on Fox News’


Caucus States and Territories

The political parties set the dates and rules for their own caucus in caucus-system states,

Because of this, the Democratic and Republican caucuses in a given state may be on different dates.

Approximately 10 percent of Democratic and 15 percent of Republican delegates are chosen by caucuses.

The Caucus Nationwide

In the U.S., 16 of 19 states

and the District of Columbia

utilize the caucus method exclusively.

The other three rely on a hybrid method

that combines a primary and caucus

to determine a winner.

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2 thoughts on “(Caucus system).

  1. I don’t like caucuses either. Bernie Sanders supporters were quite aggressive and hostile and intimidated Hillary supporters in one room. That’s when I realized caucuses should be abolished, and let voters vote in secret.

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