Why is Obamacare sick?

Why is Obamacare sick?

What is the biggest problem

with our

Affordable Healthcare System

Marco Rubio/Paul Ryan/Trump

Systematically destroying it from within
In the United States of America,
one would tend to believe that,
the people we send to Washington
‘protect and serve you’,

would actually be there
serving you’?

(NOT the CASE)

today’s world.

Today this congress has affectively been passing laws
“Protect and Serve Themselves!”
For over eight years,

our politicians should have been working together

towards repairing/improving our countries healthcare program.
Have they I ask you?
Of course not!

You All Know the reason Why!

How Marco Rubio is quietly killing Obamacare
This is how republicans fix
something or someone
that is broken,
give them a poison pill!


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One thought on “Why is Obamacare sick?

  1. Whether from my personal experience and impressions as an adult or as someone who has taught US Political History in colleges and universities that have different mission statements, I’m pressed to think of any President of the United States who has openly embraced a program that hurts his own base to such a degree. Acts of cruelty and inhumanity by Presidents and Congresses against groups of people are unfortunately not new. Your ancestors experienced some of the worst where even efforts to supposedly help were at best veiled attempts to assimilate and at worst efforts to destroy culture and exterminate the people. Other groups faced similar horrific treatment throughout the course of our country’s history. Admittedly in many respects, we have been less cruel and inhuman than other countries have experienced, but just having others act worse is no badge of honor.

    I’ll agree that ACA has more holes than a shrimp trawl. Prior to ACA, I think the system was a highly-damaged trawl where the TEDs could probably hold more prawn. Still, it’s easier to repair nets than it is to construct new ones from scratch. Here we’re not even trashing the old nets but soaking them in fuel and striking a match. Get rid of the weakest and most vulnerable and continue destroying from the bottom up. In the meantime, those of us who are not immediate targets get singed by the flames or inhale the oily smoke.

    Knowledge can come from history, common sense observations, or just simple humanity, but for whatever reason it seems that some are willing to accept sacrificing others in hopes that the problems get solved before reaching them. I just can’t accept that line of thought that seems too prevalent among a few of my generation.

    As I wrote the other day, “…And I Live on Maple Street” and the monsters are not coming but are here and our causing destruction from within while we focus on that which is outside our walls.

    Good Post Sir. Hope that you and Ms. Donna are well and that your 4-legged family are also enjoying health and happiness. Best, Richard

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