Texan Army National Guard

“Closing the barn door after the horse has already escaped,”
ring a bell?

The fury of ‘Hurricane Harvey’ is being felt throughout Texas, both low land and high land.
Louisianan, Mississippi, Alabama, the ‘Pan-Handle of Florida’ and to a lesser condition other states north, for now.

As I stated in an earlier post.

Texan and Non-Texans are chipping in to help save human and animal lives from the fury of Hurricane Harvey!

As you must have seen already, the Texan Army National Guard

has now been called in to help.
I am no expert of anything or anyone and will never be capable of being a judge of anything or anyone.
I have been wondering, mainly because we are living in the path of so many storms,
shouldn’t someone in charge have been calling the National Guard first?
To ‘stifle looting’ and help to ‘evacuate people’, before a Hurricane makes landfall?



Has made it possible for our ‘Weather People’ to pinpoint the path of most if not all of our storms!

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