Lauer likes women?

Matt Lauer likes women as long as they know their place in the human movement!
If any female should threaten his ‘Manly-hood’, he would play his mind games with them until the end of time!
Just ask ‘President Hillary Clinton.

Savannah Guthrie


Hillary Clinton

are just the beginning of what we knew for years!
Each time he interviewed Hillary he would badger her with

(Fake News)!
Each time he interviewed Trump, he allowed Trump


(Free Rein).

Matt Lauer fired from NBC News

Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News on Wednesday after an employee filed a complaint about “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” the network announced. Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of the “Today”
Matt Lauer Mercilessly Grills Hillary Clinton Over EmailGate.

(Fake News)!

Hillary Clinton NBC Meltdown Demands Matt Lauer be Fired & Freudian Slip “Swinging from a Noose”
Matt Lauer is facing major backlash following his moderation of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s Commander-in-Chief Forum on Wednesday, September 7.

Members of the media are criticizing Matt Lauer’s performance as an interviewer during NBC’s Presidential Forum.

Most of them are standing inside glass houses. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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