When did (Fake News), start?

When did (Fake News), start?
This is a free country, we get to burn our flag if so inclined, kneel before the start of a game played by our freed citizens because we are free citizens, people can ‘puke out Fake News’ with little truth, very little, whenever we wish.
We also get to join the military if we wish.
Protect our citizens and their right to
‘Puke out their Fake News’,
even if you are a Fake Pastor, a president of a company, or any other president, burn any flag if we wish kneel in a respectful prayer if we feel the need and join the military if we want to!
If and/or when any ‘republican’ makes a statement about money for a border wall, the correct and only answer is,

Mexico will pay!
Remember, this is why we have Trump for your president!
His constant Fake News about while running against a ‘real president’ was,

“Mexico Will pay for a Border Wall”
Not his taxpaying public!
After all, he pays no taxes for any wall!
What was the first day of the real
‘Fake News?
The day America’s Republican Talk show first started on the air!
When did Fox News first broadcast?
In February 1996, after the former Republican Party political strategist and NBC executive  left cable television channel America’s Talking
(now a real news channel, MSNBC).
He started Fox fake News Channel.


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