Shame on all of the Democratic Party


Democrats are you going to tell the world that the Democratic Party has no one from the party capable of cleaning up the cesspool infesting in Washington and honest enough to defeat an old has been socialist/ independent/chauvinist by 2020?

Shame on you all!
Is Mr. Sanders (The Bern), reading websites?

Mr. Sanders is planning on running in 2020 on the (Democratic Party)?
He is not a Democrat; he is and will always be a socialist, independent, loser hell-bent on destroying your party if he cannot get his way!
His only reason for running again is to squash the party!
What does this mean to the Head Honchos in the Democratic Party?
It tells me, a retired Chairman for a political party, that if these Head Honchos in the Democratic Party do run this ‘loser again’, you will lose to the infestation now stinking up the White House!
And are
Also what the website tired of this old has been,
We all know that this Independent, Socialist, dirty old man, reads the website that has thousands of members, yours truly included that are tired of his lies!

People Who Are Tired Of Hearing about Bernie Sanders

Please do not allow this ASS**** back in to our party!

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One thought on “Shame on all of the Democratic Party

  1. I’ve been ranting about him and his followers for a long time now. Thank goodness I’m not the only one. They indulged in fake news during the campaign. You won’t believe what the followers had written on Democratic Party Forum…. they had taken over the Democrats there, and re- posted fake news taken from Republicans….. their nastiness againts Hillary was beyond pale…. I would have understood all that hatred if they were Republicans…. sweet Mary! !

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