The only good war is no war!

 No war is a good war
 The only good war is no war!
“War, what is it good for”?

For instance

The Revolutionary war was to free our land from a greedy king across the pond; everyone fighting for this land knew the true reason to fight.
It was not good, it was to fight greed.
American Indian Wars
Was a way for the ‘Euro- Americans savage’ to take the Natives land without paying for it by calling them savages!
An embarrassing sets of brutal battles by greedy people from other lands to rid the people of the land.
A war of greed.
Civil war
Was the war between the North and the slave-owning states of the South to free Americans from Americans!
Again, an embarrassing war to fight greed.
The Great War, World War One, was to stop Germany from conquering the world.
World War Two
Was a war were everyone, including all of the drafted personal into the war, knew the true reason for service in the military of the United States of America!
However, still a war to fight greed.
All battles since were fighting to a point and no further, while the greedy had no point with a stop sign!

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