Saving our children one computer at a time.

Today’s vehicle computer module’s can run almost anything on the road, in the air, and on the water, yet it cannot save our children in the back seat of a vehicle, until now!
Your vehicle will warn you if you are low on fuel, door ajar, need an oil change and forget to hook up your seat belt among other things.
Why not a ‘reverse chip’ placed into your vehicle computer module to warn when the seatbelt in the back seat is still hooked up?
Think about it?
People are hooking their children up in the back seat because they love their child and then they forgetting that their lovable child is still in the back seat!
With this chip installed,

If you open any door and the back seat seatbelt is still hooked, the alarm will wake you to your child or even your pet still in the vehicle!

Finding a manufacture of car & truck computer module is harder than finding truth coming out of trumps mouth or his tweeter account?

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