Washing machine blew a cement weight into a wall.

Washing machines do not blow up.
Inside a Washing Machine are heavy parts.
Washing machine blew a cement weight into a wall.
Washing Machines and all home appliances for that matter, were (Made in factories in the USA),
and were made to last forever or at least a good number of years!
Washing Machines must have a heavy weight to balance your machines motor!

Machine manufactures at that time, while still made in this country and were forced to use good, safe, materials, while building appliances for your home!
This stopped after the then president and congress allowed outsourcing back in the middle to late 1980s early 1990’s!
Motors were made of steel and iron and cement weights were fastened with steel bolts and nuts for iron or steel hinges, when they were outsourced to what at the time were called 3rd world countries like China they started using of ‘White metal’ and then to whoever is now our out of country maker that are using plastic bolts, buts and hinges and motors.
‘Heavy weights and motor parts’ are becoming missiles bouncing around anything and anyone in the way!
While it is fine if you wish to keep paying so much money on these products year after year!

However; this country must also open factories in small towns that need the business and the jobs to start building good solid appliances once again?
How many of my followers are willing to admit to a time when one could buy a product that was guaranteed for 3 to 5 years and if it quit exchange for a replacement, no questions asked?
Because it usually lasted for 30 or more years.


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