Discussing Statues


Discussing Statues and some non-profit organizations

This time we are going to lightly, touch on the Good and the Bad

of some non-profit organizations.

This post is because of our taping of,

“The Majestic!”



In our opinion the best movie of Jim Carrey’s career.

After the tape finished, Tomorrows World, a religious program,

came on all upset with a statue in Detroit.

This program and many other programs does not get it.

This is a free country and by that, it means freedom of speech.

I believe that if our forefathers even cared about the placement of statues in Detroit,

they would agree that Detroit should be able to have as many statues as the citizens wanted?

Buddha, Mohammad, Satan, Jesus Christ even statues of Native Americans and so on.

Only some people and organizations seem to forget, that one should stick to the truth,

as we understand the true meaning,

after all we cannot all be politicians.

Truth, is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality,

or fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal.

If the ACLU or any other organization wants to add a statue of their god,

at least it should be of the original

“Their god.”

In other words, tell the truth about,


“Lucifer, the Angel of Light.”


This is not a true photo of their god.


Any more then this is a true photo of Jesus Christ.

I know this because, there are no known photos of either one,

only a written description of each.


At least the opponents of the ACLU try to come close to the original.

Humans have not, nor will we ever perfect a device that could capture the image of either;

it would melt long before it could work, according to any written word.

For years, this organization (ACLU) has been on the side of the “little Guy!”

In addition, sometimes, as with this one,



not so good?

Satan’s statues in Detroit Michigan

Atheists should be willing the admit that this


is as close to correct as they should get to a statue of Satan.

Let’s face it, if old slew foot came to you looking like the devil he is,


and tell all of those political lies.

Like, ignore the Constitution of the United States of America,

if you vote for me,

I will build a wall to keep out the bad people,

And make Mexico pay for it!

Donald Trump.

Or if elected I will get you,

without the help of congress,

Free education,

$15 pay rate

And a brand new healthcare system.

Bernie Sanders.

In addition, make the Super-Packs (Members of your congress) pay for it!

Bernie Sanders.

You would laugh at him and vote for anyone else.

So, as an angel he changes to look pleasing to you, until it is too late for you.

As with all of those lying politicians!


Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit

Nash Jenkins @pnashjenkins

July 27, 2015


Tomorrows World religious living and prophecy WGN 239

Threats force Satan statue unveiling to secret Detroit venue


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