Big guys get bigger, Little guys get happy customers

Duke Energy, a powerful company from North Carolina

is buying up power companies everywhere in many states and is becoming a monopoly.

Light bulbs screw into taxpayers light sockets.

Duke energy screws into taxpayers pocketbooks.

A little electric oxymoron?

Little power companies, like ours, gives back to their taxpaying customers.

SECO NEWS, November 2013, SECO (Sumter Electric Cooperative) Members/Customers get nearly $3 Million in return.

SECO.s Board has given back $28 Million in the last 18 years, so what’s up with Dukes customers?

“At a co-op, the members/customers get to vote on who represents them on the Board of Trustees, they get to vote on any changes to the co-op’s bylaws and they get to share in excess co-op margins.”

Duke energy customers and taxpayers everywhere are forced to pay this company millions of dollars for a Nuclear Power Plant that will never be put back on line, this is in addition to the millions already paid to try to save the plant, plus even more millions of dollars just in case this company decides to build another power plant?

They are not customer/members!

Read and weep?

Duke Kills Florida Nuclear Project, Keeps Customers’ Money

Someone or someone’s, somewhere is also getting to screw many taxpayers/members/customers pocketbooks?

Makes everyone wonder who and why, doesn’t it?

(Little guy happy customer/member)

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Duke Energy – Powerful, but not very nice

Who killed Electric Cars


The people of the United States of America!

President Jimmy Carter put his administration into full gear to get alternative energy cars to replace fossil fuel dinosaurs cars off the roads.

This ob course was the start of his down fall from grace with the oil industry and gasoline driven car manufacturing companies!

The EV-1 car among many others, worked better than any gasoline car.

The newest car batteries would power the cars for at least 300 miles per charging. The famed engineer Alan Cocconi explains that with laptop computer lithium ion batteries, the EV1 could have been upgraded to a range of 300 miles per charge.

A 2006 documentary film that we watched last night explores the creation, limited commercialization, and subsequent destruction of the car battery and the electric vehicle in the United States?

It started with the then Ronald Reagan’s administration, he destroyed everything that Jimmy Carter had put in place and mind you it was working great. Reagans work pilled over to his then Vice President as president and the sludge hammer that crushed the nail into the coffin, was this presidents son the then president and his vice President.

George H. W. Bush administration, George W. Bush administration and Vice President Dick Cheney, because of the lobbyists from General Electric and Chrysler corporation, specifically the General Motors EV1 of the mid-1990s, along with the oil industry and their lobbyist!

Yesterday on Channel 11/09/2013 on MPLEX Dish Network 377.

However and I dread saying this because instead of helping, the truth seems to turn people off?

Who Killed the Electric Car?

The people of the United States of America.

If we the people will get behind the battery cars and force our government to join not fight alternative energy, we will start getting the cars for a lot less than today’s prices. But no we are trained that Big is Better?


The inventor of the newest Electric Batteries


Crushed new EV1s in a junk yard are shown in the film

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