A work in progress


Sorry to remind you once again however, many of the pictures were lost

when the old computer was stolen, still, this is a good posting?

Our travels across Mother Earth

Pictures are in no particular order so few dates attached.

Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox) of the Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/ People.

Kiehtan is the ancestors word for our Supreme being, some tribe use the words

Creator, Grandfather, Great Spirit and so on.

Kiehtan Creator

Let’s start out with an old map of the Uncasvillage

now you will find that it is called Casino Alley or Uncasville?


This is also an old map, this is land of the Algonquian speaking people

a language being lost often with the crossing of our elders.


A good place to start, I believe, would be with Jeff Benedicts book Without Reservation

because it is based on fact plus a good time to remind you that at no time were

Natives East of the Mississippi river on a reservation, we live in villages!


Shechaim Alice Storey


Alice is as far back that I can now go for pictures with this computer.

Shechaim Tallfox,

sachemtallfoxmy grandfather

My Pequot/Irish mother at my graduation Catherine


descendent of Laura Brown and William Brown

Shechaim Ziek


Ziek & Walkingfox my farther and me. At the old hole in the tree

Pequot/Mohegan the old homestead Uncasvillage.

Shechaim Nettie Smith


Mother of Chief

Last  Shechaim of the Penobscot tribe. Best photo I have of Nettie

poto4Shechaim Rolling Thunder-Russell Smith

Uncle to Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox)

tah (Gator Woman)

284974_357422717671029_300332405_nOn one of her many travels around Indian country.


images2 thCAJ5NCAR Seneca

thCAPB7IV2 thCAR953OJ two

\ thCAX7CS7A imagesCAEE23DY thCAMATEWF thCASZ55VH imagesCANC91XJ thCAP2QHCK Mourning weddingfamily_jpg_w180h141 weddingshot_jpg_w180h253

Hurry back sometime You’ll?

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