Is your president a “Devil?”

Fight Fire with fire is what is sorely needed today.

Is your president a “Devil?”

According to your bible, although not the big guy (Lucifer), “Yes he is!”

Revelation Chapter 12

Revelation 12:9

“Devil” -Comes from a Greek verb meaning

“To slander” Or “To falsely accuse”. (διαβολή).

He is a malignant liar

(John 8:44, 1 John 3:8).

Malignant- an adjective disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately; feeling or showing ill will or hatred.

Liar- A noun a person who tells lies.

A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

The bad Guys are Lucifer, in the world but not of the world yet (a fallen angel as Devil or Satan), the anti-Christ (A slave of Lucifer).

Faults prophets (Puppets of the anti-Christ).

Followers of Lucifer as Demons (real stupid angels).

Sounding familiar yet?

Try this.

Lucifer – in the world but not of the world yet.

The anti-Christ – in the world but not of the world yet.

Faults prophets –

In the world and already preaching, just turn on your radio to about 90% of the “Christian Stations!”

Turn on your TV to about 80% of the “Christian Stations!”

In the world and already preaching!

The president of Russia and your two presidents – puppets of the “Faults prophets.”

Today’s congress – your two president’s demons.

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A lie with a smile is still a lie!

A lie with a smile is still a lie!

Sean Spicer’s appalling answer about economic data shows how far we’ve lowered the bar for Trump

At Friday’s press briefing, Sean Spicer told an absurd lie

to the assembled members of the White House press corps.

But he did it with a smile

rather than a snarl,

so everyone laughed.

The issue was the release this morning

of a which many Republicans

took the opportunity

to crow about.

Given the frequency with which candidate Trump

had questioned the integrity of government economic data

(calling them “phony numbers” and “one of the biggest hoaxes in American politics”),

the question went, was President Trump confident that today’s report was accurate?

Sean Spicer marched into his daily briefing

with reporters on Friday wearing his flag pin upside down.

REDONDO BEACH, CA – MARCH 6: ABC Radio talk host Sean Hannity does his show live in front of an audience as Talkradio 790 KABC presents the “Hannitization Tour ’03 Sean Hannity Live!” at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on March 6, 2003 in Redondo Beach, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Media Jumps on Conspiracy Theory

we need to find a new term for these

meat sacks


with rage

whose only goal in life

is to stoke fear



in order to put more dollars in their pocket.

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The Affordable Healthcare Act has a hiccup

The Affordable Healthcare Act


has a little hiccup

 I have an idea, howbeit foolish as it might be.

What if?

What if congress actually looks over the Affordable Healthcare Act, as they should have been doing for the past sever years, leave what is working for the country, while repairing what needs to be repaired?


This way we save billions of dollars and millions of our citizens healthcare.

So, why would the republicans want to replace a working healthcare system?

Three reasons.

A democrat president got it passed, that president is (President Barrack Obama),


They want to repeal Planned Parenthood.

Not that Planned Parenthood is also a very good workable system because it is.

But just because they want too!

The GOP’s Obamacare repeal plan is out


it’s even worse than anyone expected

After weeks of expectations

actually, nearly seven years of expectations

House Republicans on Monday

released their

Republicans push to repeal and replace Obamacare

House Republicans released the American Health Care Act


Die Quickly!

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Steve Bannon once praised Joe McCarthy’s war on ‘traitors’

“Donald Trump is destroying the creditability

of the office of president

140 characters at a time!”

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois

Well the real president please step backwards!


A thank-you to one of our followers

The Fifth Column

Steve Bannon once praised Joe McCarthy’s war on ‘traitors’

who had


US government

Joe MccarthySteve Bannon

Steve Bannon at Bloggers Briefing in October 19, 2010

(Don Irvine/Flickr)


Over the weekend, President Donald Trump

accused his predecessor,

former President Barack Obama,

of engaging in “McCarthyism”

for purportedly ordering an


wiretap of Trump Tower.

Even though Trump offered no evidence to back up his wild claims,

it turns out that Steve Bannon,

the president’s top political strategist,

actually thinks McCarthyism was a good thing.

CNN has snagged a 2013 audio recording


Bannon interviewing conservative author Diane West,

in which

Bannon asks her to comment

on what he believes is the unfair reputation


Sen. Joe McCarthy

has gotten for his efforts to purge purported communists

from the federal government.

“Today in modern pop culture,

you know they call Ted Cruz the Joe McCarthy —

if you want to think of who devils are

it’s Ronald Reagan


those who name-names at the House Un-American Activities,

the Hollywood Ten are heroes right?”

Bannon asked.

“Alger Hiss is a hero, right?

Richard Nixon’s a villain?

Joe McCarthy is a villain.

Your book makes very plain that these guys were right.

The place was infested with either traitors that were on the direct payroll


Soviet military intelligence



who were kind of compliant in helping these guys get along.

I mean,

there’s absolutely no question of it.”

Bannon went on to say that he believed the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations were conducting similar campaigns in the United States

that similarly aimed to subvert key pieces of the American government.

During his talk with West,

Bannon also derided

former President George W. Bush

for calling



“religion of peace”


discussed whether the entire country was at risk of being

“conquered by Islam.”

Listen to the whole interview below.

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Why not just shut down Public Schools?

Why not just shut down Public Schools?

Did this get your attention?

My last but by no means least link at the bottom!

This one should even scare the bloomers off of the

‘Walking Dead’!


Governor Rick Scott wants $100M for charter schools,

I have been writing for years

about the corruption of Charter schools


your tax money

to little if any interest.

A couple of likes from what looks like an

automatic computer software?


NO Comments!


this is your hard-earned money

flowing into the pockets of the rich!

Don’t believe me?

Read just a few articles

from the past


then start your own investigations.

Who ‘owns’ charter schools?

By Diane Ravitch

on July 12, 2007 9:40 AM



for your sake

at least read the

(5), comments.

Cashing In On Kids

September 19, 2011 12:00 AM

Florida charter schools:

big money,

little oversight

Florida’s charter school movement has grown into $400-million-a-year powerhouse

backed by real-estate developers


promoted by politicians,

but with little oversight.

When Forbes speak you had better listen!

Charter Schools Gravy Train Runs Express To Fat City

Wall Street has always put its money where its interests and beliefs lie.

But it is far less common that so many

financial heavyweights

would adopt a social cause like charter schools


advance it

with a laser like focus

in the political realm…

Although the April 9 breakfast with Mr. Cuomo was not a formal fund-raiser,

the hedge fund managers

have been wielding their money to influence educational policy in Albany,

particularly among Democrats,

who control both the Senate and the Assembly

but have historically been aligned

with the teachers unions.


[hedge fund managers]

have been contributing generously to lawmakers

in hopes of creating a friendlier climate for charter schools.

More immediately,

they have raised a multimillion-dollar war chest

to lobby this month for a bill to raise the maximum number of charter schools statewide

to 460 from 200.


And last but by no means least!

This one should even scare the bloomers off of the

‘Walking Dead’!


Governor Rick Scott

wants $100M for charter schools,

risking another union fight

January 16, 2015 by shechaim-speaks

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The National Popular Vote bill


The National Popular Vote bill

would guarantee

the Presidency to the candidate

who receives the most popular votes

in all 50 states


the District of Columbia.


First things first.

We need to dump The Twelfth Amendment

(Amendment XII)


to the Constitution

that allows Congress to vote,

no matter how you the voters,




we need to impeach

the two presidents


the vice-president

now flaunting


the Whitehouse.



It has been enacted into law in

11 states with 165 electoral votes

(CA, DC, HI, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA).

It will take effect when enacted by states with 105 more electoral votes.

It has passed at least one house

in 12 additional states

with 96 electoral votes

(AR, AZ, CO, CT, DE, ME, MI, NC, NM, NV, OK, OR)

and been approved unanimously by committee votes in two additional states

with 27 electoral votes

(GA, MO).

Most recently, the bill was passed by a 40–16 vote in the Republican-controlled Arizona House, 28–18

in Republican-controlled Oklahoma Senate,


in Republican-controlled New York Senate,


in Democratic-controlled Oregon House,



in the New Mexico Senate.

Map showing status in states



The National Popular Vote bill Florida

In January 2017,

Representative Joe Geller introduced the National Popular Vote bill in the House

(Status of HB311).

Sen. Darryl Rouson introduced the bill in the Senate

(Status of SB242)

On January, 2011,

Senator Anthony C. “Tony” Hill, Sr.

introduced the National Popular Vote bill

(SB 440)

in the Florida State Senate.

A survey of 800 Florida voters conducted on January 9-10, 2009 showed 78% overall support for a national popular vote for President. By political affiliation, support for a national popular vote was 88% among Democrats, 68% among Republicans, and 76% among others. By gender, support for a national popular vote was 88% among women and 69% among men. By age, support for a national popular vote was 79% among 18-29 year olds, 78% among 30-45 year olds, 76% among 46-65 year olds, and 80% for those older than 65. By race, support for a national popular vote was 80% among whites (representing 70% of respondents), 69% among African Americans (representing 13% of respondents), 79% among Hispanics (representing 13% of respondents), and 72% among others (representing 4% of respondents). The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 1/2%.

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Calling Trump a President?

Calling Trump a President?



comparing himself


President Barrack Obama



Comparing Agent Orange

to a president.


Is like comparing

Andy Green



Trump on a tricycle!


A car on the


Daytona Beach race track

Andy Green




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Valentines Day/Lupercalia Day


Valentines Day

Been a thorn in my side for years.

So, on this day, who gets pampered and who does the pampering?

Take your significant other some flowers, a ‘Love Card,’ out to a restaurant, for a walk, to Lovers Lane and so on.

You remember?

All of the things that we Lovers, should be doing everyday!

Because of this

In this home,

we do not wait for a

(Big Business Holiday).

We try to show our love, Every- Day.

Most Traditionalist

do not celebrate many of the countries holidays.

Columbus for one

Valentines Day is another.

Valentines Day

(How did we get the day)?

In 313 A.D. (After Christ), Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity

(The Roman Christian Church).

In 380 A.D. the church became The Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church moved the day

(Valentines Day),

to February 14th, the same day as the Roman holiday

(Lupercalia) a Pagans holiday.

I believe, to try to squash their day.

The pagans, however, who adopted


as their religion did not entirely abandon the traditions and practices they held before their “conversion.” One of these traditions brought into the church was the fertility celebration known as the Lupercalia, which eventually became the Valentine’s holiday.

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(Universal Declaration of Human Rights )


Human Rights are Everyone’s Rights

(Universal Declaration of Human Rights )

Every human has the right to protect its self;

in fact, every creation has the same right.

Although it is a hard thing for my

‘Peace Loving Friends'(LGBTQ), to do.

I for one,

am proud to know

that groups of people are teaching

how to protect themselves

from the cowards that know that they


(The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community).

are an easy target.

I feel the need to explain in detail, what my subject (post), is about.

So that our

‘Simpleton President’

will not be confused.


(Being unable to think with clarity or act with understanding and intelligence)!

After all this will not fit of tweeter!

Define simpleton: (someone who is not very intelligent or who does not have or show good sense or judgment)!

Pink Pistols Pick On Someone Your Own Caliber

Human Rights

Pink Pistols: Gay Gun Rights Group Is Ready to Fire

An LGBT pro-gun organization that helps queer people fight back against hate crimes is challenging liberals and conservatives alike.

By Sarah Klein / Alternate 101

person who is not brave, is easily frightened, or tries to avoid danger or difficulties:


It is time to put

the real President

back into the Presidency (White House)!

Trump shows his true hand on LGBTQ rights

Take away his Tweeter account, his Cheat sheets and what do you have?

A Mime puppet

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Happy Valentines Day Trumplethinskin!


Suck-up Mike Flynn is now under the bus

“We did not have verbal sex with Russia before the election!”

After all, promising to squash the

‘President Obama Sanctions’ against Russia,

for help with the election,

(Is Not Sex)!

Just in case you have not been paying attention


millions of voters before the election?

This is a re-cap

just for you


those millions of non-voters around the country.

Here we go again!

Mike Pence throws National Security Advisor Michael Flynn under the Trump-Russia bus

Now that the U.S. intelligence community has confirmed today that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn did indeed discuss U.S. sanctions with the Russian government in December, in violation of the law, the exploding scandal has quickly spread to vice president Mike Pence. When Flynn previously claimed that sanctions were not discussed during the phone calls, Pence publicly confirmed as much. But now Pence is throwing Flynn under the bus to try to protect himself, in a sign of how swiftly Trump-Russia is unraveling.

Impeach Trump Now

The last time Michael Flynn got ticked off at his boss, he retaliated by going against orders and leaking classified information to Pakistan. Now that Mike Pence appears to be trying to set up Flynn as the fall guy for Trump-Russia, the erratic and often angry Flynn could rat out Pence (and Trump) in retaliation – or simply to protect himself legally, now that he’s been exposed as having violated federal law on Trump’s behalf

Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn is being tossed under the bus.

The last time we checked in with Flynn, Trump was complaining that he was overbearing and talked too much. Now it appears he is in some serious trouble, with The Washington Post reporting that Flynn, despite his and the Trump administration’s denials, did in fact discuss U.S. sanctions against Russia with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last December, when Barack Obama was still in office. According to current and former American officials, Flynn’s communications were “inappropriate” and a “potentially illegal signal to the Kremlin that it could expect a reprieve from sanctions that were being imposed by the Obama administration in late December to punish Russia for its alleged interference in the 2016 election.”

The White House’s relationship with Russia has been subject to scrutiny given President Trump’s (and Flynn’s) admiration for Vladimir Putin. The FBI is continuing to investigate the Flynn matter, and could even end up prosecuting him under the Logan Act, which forbids unauthorized civilians from messing with U.S. diplomacy. But before any of that happens, the administration is quickly separating itself from Flynn. He is on his own.

Michael Flynn’s Debacle

Trump’s national security adviser’s potentially false statements about his pre-inauguration contacts with Russian officials are a major scandal

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