Why is Obamacare sick?

Why is Obamacare sick?

What is the biggest problem

with our

Affordable Healthcare System

Marco Rubio/Paul Ryan/Trump

Systematically destroying it from within
In the United States of America,
one would tend to believe that,
the people we send to Washington
‘protect and serve you’,

would actually be there
serving you’?

(NOT the CASE)

today’s world.

Today this congress has affectively been passing laws
“Protect and Serve Themselves!”
For over eight years,

our politicians should have been working together

towards repairing/improving our countries healthcare program.
Have they I ask you?
Of course not!

You All Know the reason Why!

How Marco Rubio is quietly killing Obamacare
This is how republicans fix
something or someone
that is broken,
give them a poison pill!


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Once a ‘Hypocrite,’ always a Hypocrite!

Once a ‘Hypocrite,’ always a Hypocrite!

Is Donald Trump a hypocrite? He said Michelle Obama “insulted” Saudi Arabia.

Melania Trump Is Without a Headscarf in Saudi Arabia

First Lady Melania Trump was missing something when she landed in Saudi Arabia a headscarf President Trump’s daughter Ivanka also didn’t wear one


Then He traded you our working force on Military Equipment, to once again fill his many coffers!

The kingdom is known for it’s strict dress code Female visitors including foreign dignitaries are expected to be fully covered A custom.

First Lady Melania Trump did what Donald Trump

criticized Michelle Obama for in 2015.

Two years after Donald Trump criticized Michelle Obama

for not covering her head in Saudi Arabia,

Melania Trump does just the same.

Accompanying her husband on his first international trip,

US first lady Melania Trump today stepped off Air Force One conservatively dressed

in long sleeves and pants to conform to the strict dress code

that Saudi Arabia enforces for its female citizens.

However, one thing was missing from her black and gold-belted ensemble


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Did trump give secrets to Russia?

Did trump give secrets to Russia?


Israel Said to Be Source of Secret Intelligence Trump Disclosed to Russians


Russia has NEVER been friendly to anyone in the Free world NEVER!

People, people. People!

You can trace the Government of Russia all the way back to (Genesis 4:8), and see for yourself.


The Three Branches of our government profess to be Christian

Gog of the land of Magog.

Our ‘New Guy in the Whitehouse is, behind closed doors, handing our ‘Top Secrets’ over to our enemy! And

Half of the voting people in this country do not seem to care.

Can you say WW-3?

History of Russia

The History of Russia begins with that of the Eastern Slavs.[



The people of Russia can be traced back to the beginning.


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#45’s “Superb Broken System!”

The only promise that

#45 has kept to his followers

so far is.

“The more that a broken system

tells you that you’re wrong,

the more certain you must be

that you must keep pushing ahead,”



#45 is building a

“Superb Broken System!”

This is even a better plan to follow

if you are one with us


‘have not, are not and will never follow #45!’

Keep reminding voter of

#45’s broken business promises


his newest broken promises!




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Go get the Anti-Venom quickly.

Proverbs 1:7

Pigmy Rattler

If it slithers like a snake,

hisses like a snake


bites you like a snake,

one can accept the fact that

it is a snake.

Go get the Anti-Venom quickly.

Ever watch the girls on the View?

The View

Today I almost felt sorry for that

Republican, claiming to be Independent.

After all it must be real hard keeping a straight face,

not wetting yourself,

without a ‘Red Face’, trying to defend the,

(As Whoopi says),

(New Guy)

# 45 and his Dynasty!


All of his so-called ‘Cabinet members’.

What’s left of them not as yet fired!

She actually has to dumb herself down while talking politics, to just not tell lies throughout the show.

An impossible feat with Whoopi and Joy backing her into her corned every time she opens the mouth about #45 and his team of misfits!


What’s left of them not as yet fired!

She actually has to dumb herself down while talking politics, to just not tell lies throughout the show.

An impossible feat with Whoopi and Joy backing her into her corned every time she opens the mouth about #45 and his team of misfits!


After all

If it walks

like a Republican Politician

Talks like a Republican Politician


Makes little to no sense

Like a Republican Politician

It must be a

Republican Politician

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How to evict a ‘Disabled Man’

George c Maxwell terrace apartments in Orlando Florida

wants to Evict a disabled man!

Orlando Florida,

Floridians call

(City Beautiful);

There are thousands of





surrounding this apartment building.

Why is it that not one of them is willing to help?

Is this not one of,

if not

the main order from each of those religions?

To help the needy?


Did you notice that the neighbor to this complex

is the

(Goodwill building),

also a place stating that

they help the downtrodden and the disabled.


Where is the help from them?

As seem on T.V. this morning!

Government-subsidized complex

tries to evict disabled man

over dirty apartment

May 9, 2017


Disabled Man being evicted from the George C Maxwell Terrace in Orlando Florida.


An Orange County woman said

she’s fighting to keep her disabled father-in-law

off the streets

now that his government-subsidized complex

is trying to evict him

because his apartment isn’t clean enough

The tenant’s attorney said

Florida law works against people in Levine Jordan’s situation



state law doesn’t give them much protection if the complex tells them it’s time to go,

even if there isn’t a valid reason

Government-subsidized complex

tries to evict disabled man over dirty apartment


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Remember my disappointment with Christian radio announcers?

Why is this important to you today?

This places a creation, (lucifer),

on an even level

with Creator,

your God!

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

 Remember my disappointment


Christian radio announcers?

Pastors, Priests, and Christian radio announcer

are smoking

the word of their God!

What ever happened to the separation of church and state?

Ever since Christian radio announcers

helped anoint their

‘savior of the country’


I have been silently checking their reading of their

‘Word of God’.

For instance today!

A will known Christian radio announcer (90.3),

one of those occultist,

was saying a number of times today

that Daniel

“Blessed God?”

59 Bible Verses about Blessing,

“All From God”

You can look this up


keep reading.


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A battle I always lose, ALWAYS!

A battle I always lose, ALWAYS!

 Universities (the students) in this country are bar none, the smartest people in the world.

One of the reasons why other countries send their students to our universities.

Our students can build and re-build computers, send people and supplies to a space station, send people to the moon and are now planning to send people to Mars and so on.

The only thing, it would seem, that only a handful of those students could seem to master.


U.S. History

and/or the

History of the World!

This is the reason


I keep on losing.


Hence, one of the reasons this ‘New Guy’ is in the Whitehouse


Senator Bernie Sander

now has a chokehold

on the Democratic Party.

Once Senator Sanders lost,

the new guy stole his entire platform.

Once President Hillary Clinton lost.

This ‘New Guy’ is slowly stealing her platform.


Does your president

actually have the beginning

signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia?

The 10 Common Symptoms of Dementia:

Knowing the Signs

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(Caucus system).

Wisconsin use a caucus system to elect a sheriff

The reason for writing this is simple.

The only reason

Milwaukee’s Sheriff

is and has been

their sheriff is


(Caucus system).


There are plenty of other reason

why we should re-thing this antiquated system

along with term limits or lack thereof.

I have been against the caucus system

ever since I was knee high to a donut!


Maybe not quite that long


ever since, I studied it in school.


Now you know why!

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is a republican,

is registered as a democrat,

whom the independents


democrats hate


the republicans love.

While in a caucus system voting, members are allowed to get in your face

unless or until you vote their way


vote your way while having an upset stomach.

Can you just image the scenery

while someone

in a voting hall

comes up in my face?

How long will have to spent time in prison?

Sheriff David Clarke has voted against

everything that the independents and democrats

are looking for in a sheriff


voted with the Republican Party every time.

Need more proof?

He voted for Trump!

Am Joy

a must watch program

on your week-end.

Today on MSNBC’s AM Joy,

confirmed my reasoning


much, much more, did you watch today?


‘All hat and no cattle’:

Joy Reid show hammers Sheriff Clarke for ‘wearing uniform as a prop on Fox News’


Caucus States and Territories

The political parties set the dates and rules for their own caucus in caucus-system states,

Because of this, the Democratic and Republican caucuses in a given state may be on different dates.

Approximately 10 percent of Democratic and 15 percent of Republican delegates are chosen by caucuses.

The Caucus Nationwide

In the U.S., 16 of 19 states

and the District of Columbia

utilize the caucus method exclusively.

The other three rely on a hybrid method

that combines a primary and caucus

to determine a winner.

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The Trump administration

demand that the

social media company

unmask any account

critical of the president

Saturday April 4th 2017

Yes he rescinded only after a law suit was filed!

Well now that we officially have a

“One Party System.”

We the people

no longer have to worry

about the process of

“Thinking for Ourselves”!


“Mein Führer Trump”


“His Gestapo Party”

(The federal congress),

Will be doing this for us until the end of time!

Ever though,

The Trump administration has rescinded a demand that Twitter Inc.


Share information about a user who has criticized the new president, the social media company said Friday in a court filing.

Twitter received an administrative order to turn over records nearly a month ago,

But said

It refused to do so without evidence the information was crucial to a criminal investigation.

After the government reportedly failed to provide such justification and refused to drop the demand, the San Francisco Company launched a preemptive strike Thursday

By suing the Trump administration.

Twitter sought a court ruling that would call the demand unconstitutional.

If you’re struggling

to keep up with

all things Trump,

you’re not alone.

This is week 11


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