A work in progress


Sorry to remind you once again however, many of the pictures of our travels were

lost when the old computer was stolen, still, this is a good posting of our memories?

Pictures are in no particular order so few dates attached.

Traveling with Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox) of the Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/ People.


Chief Homer St. Francis of the St. Francis Sokoki Band of the Abenaki at Missisquoi

was a good friend of my father (Shechaim Zeak) and a real True teaching Mentor

American Natives Elder for me and so many others

while we were growing at our meetings in Uncasvillage!


Zoe, Luke and Shechaim on the day before the twin towers 911 in New York?


Sachem 3 Bears of the Seekonk Wampanoag tribe

at one of his many gatherings in Massachusetts,

Bear is an elder, a friend and was also a mentor to Walkingfox.


Grandfather Chief Chuck Finch of the Passamaquoddy tribe

at one of our many gatherings in

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.


Firewomen at her first powwow, loved that lady.

thCA1XE732Judy, good friend of firewomen, Donna and Shechaim.

She helped Firewomen with all of the gathering beautiful person.


Shechaim with one of the Generations drummer’s

Renato at the Firewomen Gloucester Massachusetts powwow.

Renato is a true friend to Donna & Walkingfox.

These are two of the sites with some of our

loving Memories of past trips around Indian Country.

You will meet some good people.

Hurry back sometime You’ll?

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