I am Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox of the Mohiigan people, the administrator of both Sachem Speaks and this Words from Sachem blogs.
On this page I wish to write about events of the day that are important to me and I hope to you also however, not necessarily speaking about the first people of this land but still is affecting you and I?
I still wishes to remind you as I have on the first blog that only Creator can bless, as my Gravatar is showing, one of the ways to request a blessing from your Supreme Being (Creator) never to be mistaken as a blessing from any creation (me).
At the age of 70 an elder in a tribal clan that has kept the culture and ceremonies sacred in his or her life are offered the respect of Grandfather or Grandmother. (Ohjieshan is the Mohiigan Clan word for a human Grandfather) I am a retired Traditional Native American Spiritual teacher from the New England area, now retired to central Florida.
My interests have always been the teaching of our ancestors and how to incorporate their ways into our modern way of life taught to them by our Creator then through my elders! Our word for a human Grandmother is (objiasan).
I must constantly beg Creator in prayer to bless and control my mind and tongue from anything other than following the Sacred ways of our ancestors and helping creation.


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