We must change how we elect members of Congress


You can’t win if you don’t play!

We must change how we elect members of Congress





Someone that fears history as much as I do!


What was the real reason that Hillary lost the election? 

We must change how we elect members of Congress. (Daniel Huizinga / Flickr)

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Voting Doesn’t Have To Be Winner-Take-All

To get people engaged in politics, we need an electoral system based on proportional representation.



Progressives suffered a terrible defeat in November 2016.

Thanks, in part, to a flawed candidate with a flawed campaign, all three branches of the federal government are in the hands of the far Right. At a state and local level, the Left has been consistently out-organized by school-privatizers, granny-starvers and water-poisoners. There can be no electoral substitute for the challenging work of organizing grassroots opposition to these reactionary ideologues. But reforming the mechanics of American elections is a necessary, albeit insufficient, element of a left resurgence.

Trump and the Republicans control the White House and Congress only because the demographic groups that lean Republican—the old, the white and the well-off (a shrinking minority of Americans)—vote at a much higher rate than those demographic groups that lean Democratic—the young, the nonwhite and the poor.

Nonvoters consistently give two reasons for not voting: They are “too busy” or “not interested.” The Pew Research Center reports that nonvoters are also more likely than voters to think “issues in D.C. don’t affect me” and “voting doesn’t change things,” beliefs that reflect their alienation from our nation’s political life.


Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) plans to introduce the Fair Representation Act in Congress. It’s a reform whose time has come.


Presidential Race Not as Rigged as Congress


Well DUH!


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