Egypt mosque attack

Mosque/Churches/ Synagogue
Each of the above believe in their god (a god of love not hate).

Add to this list my people (Native Americans).
How many people are in these four beliefs?
Millions if not billions!
How many of these people are able to use a weapon?
How many are able to protest their governments non-response to ISSIL (ISSIS?
Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries citizens are being drastically abused by their leaders.
Hang on my friends because America is quickly following suit!
Because each one (Arab country), is allowing Russia and the murdering president of Syria (Bashar Hafez al-Assad),
to keep ISIS alive and moving around in their countries!
The Arab Counrties, backed by the World, must tell the Russian government to
Join together and then crush Bashar Hafez al-Assad!

Egypt mosque attack death toll climbs above 300
As a Native American (Indian), growing up in the New England Area, I had a small taste of what the Muslims and Jews are going through, I would also include African Americans in this however, even though I never let it be known about my ‘Black Ancestors’
I had many good friends and sports teammates without a single problem.
Cannot say the same for the New England Caucasians!
Yes, I did have some Caucasian friends.

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