What’s in the Iran nuclear deal

Same old useless GARBAGE!

Iran as with all Middle Eastern Country, hates Israel and any country that is helping to protect Israel from neighbors that want them gone.

However, Iran, I believe, is at the top of the hate list even more so then Palestine.


If or should I say when Iran gets its nuclear power the end of this planet is very near.

This so called 5 member country meeting or should I say cowing under to Iran is not going to end the threat because it is bigger that the free world.

No I am not Nostradamus or any ‘doom and gloom Prophet,’ and for sure I do not have the inside track on Kiehtan (God).

However, I do read books on history and  the bible is one of those history books, so far it has not stumbled in its predictions and the last book is coming true even today.

People today either Love, Hate or Fear the Christians Bible and its Book of Revelation, if not then they have not been with the possibility to know?

For instance country with no or a very different religious belief.

No, the bible nor any other book or person, including Jesus or Muhammad did or can predict the day, month or year, only Kiehtan, Creator, God, knows and we are not allowed to know until it comes.

We are only told to be ready.

The Battle of Armageddon


Check out the bible book of revelation?

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the New Testament. It is also called the Apocalypse of John. It is a cryptic document that contains information about the end of the world and it is full of symbols that are open to interpretation

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